Clarity is a crucial foundation in our lives. Without it, nothing we build will bring us fulfillment. With it, we the gain the knowledge and tools to create a life we love. 

Clarity Coaching

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Working with Becky has been a life-changing journey for me. It has helped me let go of feelings that I have held on to for far too long. Most importantly, it has given me clarity about what my focus should really be. That I’m not trying to become a different person, I’m simply trying to remember who I am. That knowledge has made all the difference.


First off, thank you for helping me find clarity in my life. I thought something was missing, but through you I have learned that nothing was missing....I just couldn’t see it clearly. I’ve had years of self development study through books, programs, coaching, trainings, etc. I made more progress in my self-development journey after one session with you, than all of those things combined. Thank you! 

Also, thanks for helping push me along to be a coach myself. I feel called in this direction and I couldn’t be more excited and terrified at the same time. I have enjoyed each of our session and found tremendous worth in each of them.

Clarity coaching is all about digging to the core of who you are, what drives you, what makes YOU feel fulfilled, and what YOUR unique gifts are. Once we understand who we truly are and what brings us a feeling of happiness and alignment, we have a foundation to build on.

Clarity coaching is all about understanding what makes you tick, recognizing and understanding your blind spots, and helping to frame trauma we have experienced in our lives. It's about becoming one with yourself again, becoming emotionally self-reliant, and blissfully free to cultivate your very best life. 

My role as your coach is to help you undercover what is already inside of you to give you tools and skills, so you are able to confidently bring your whole and glorious self to your life. My goal is to help you have tools so that you can take your rightful spot as the hero in your own story.

You will be able to cultivate better and more meaningful relationships, process trauma and past wounds healthfully, seek out and create opportunity, and take the inspired action that you feel called to take. 

If we don't get clarity on who we are and what we want, we don't have a sure foundation. We can build on top of it, but there will be cracks, unsteadiness, unrest. With a rock-solid understanding of ourselves, we build things on top of our foundation that brings us peace, connection, and deep and lasting happiness.

There is nothing more empowering than the freedom to realize what is possible for you. Are you ready?

Live the story you want to tell!

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